Posted on: 13/12/2017

Another Charity Day has passed us by, with another great effort by all of those involved. £3,168.32 was the figure raised for The Yard, which is fantastic considering that we ‘adopted’ them so late in the year.

Committee has just had their first meeting of the ‘new year’ and have had the usual discussion about how it went, could we do anything better, who will we support next year etc.

A suggestion was made that perhaps we should look at supporting a charity, not for just the usual one year, but longer term, perhaps over 3 to 5 years. This way we would be able to strike up a better relationship with the charity and work together to try and take the fundraising to a new level.

This is where you come in!

We are looking for (a) some feedback on the idea of sticking with one charity for a longer period and (b) some suggestions of charities we could support.

For question (b) please remember that the charity should preferably be:

(i) local (Edinburgh, the Lothians, central belt and perhaps Fife) or, if it is a national charity, have a local element to it; and

(ii) it must be a registered charity, registered with OSCR.

Please pop any feedback or suggestions you may have on a piece of paper and post it through the office door or e-mail me at

Closing date for feedback is Monday 15 January 2018.