Club Info

How is the club run?

The Club is managed by a committee which is elected every year by members at the AGM, as set out in the Club’s Constitution and Rules.  The committee consists of three Officers, being a President, Secretary and Treasurer who deal with the day-to-day running of the Club, and seven general committee members. Two committee members must stand down each year though they may be re-elected, and elections are held each year for the Officer positions.

The AGM is held in the Club in late November. The Officers and Trustees present reports on the year just ended, and one of the important functions of the AGM is that the members who are present decide on the annual subscription fee for the ensuing year, this being due in February.

The committee meet at least once every month and the minutes of these meetings are posted on the Club notice board to keep you up to date with everything that is happening around the Club. 

In addition to the committee, the club employ full and part time staff to look after the operation of the sports and bar facilities.

When can I use the club?

The Club is open 7 days a week and only closes on Christmas Day, New Year's Day and during the Edinburgh Trades fortnight (traditionally the first two weeks in July), when we carry out essential maintenance and upgrading of Club facilities.  This ensures that the Club maintains the high standards expected by the members. For opening hours please click here.

Tenpin bowling and skittles cease at 11.00 pm each night whilst snooker, pool and darts may continue until closing time providing any charges due are paid by 10.45 pm.

For the safety of children, the convenience of adult members and also to comply with the licensing laws, the following restrictions are applicable to persons under 18 years old.

  • Children under 18 years are not permitted into the bar area.  They can purchase soft drinks at the counter behind lane 10.
  • Children under 5 years old must vacate the premises by 6.30pm.
  • Junior members aged 5-15 years may stay on the premises until 9.00 pm provided they are accompanied by an adult member and have been signed into the club after 6.30 pm.  If junior members are playing in a league or competition after 9.00 pm they will be permitted to continue playing, but must leave the Club immediately on completion of their game.
  • Young adults aged 16-17 who have taken out Intermediate Membership are permitted to use the Club like adult members except they are not permitted into the bar area.

On attaining age 18 all intermediate members are automatically converted to full adult membership.

What happens when I become a member?

You will be provided with a plastic credit card sized membership card which carries your photograph and your unique membership number.  The card should be carried with you at all times when using the club as you will be required to show the card when booking a sport.

You will also be supplied with a key fob. This is a small, hard, plastic 'wand' which can attach to your key ring. This fob enables entry into the Club, as the door situated at the top of the first flight of stairs is locked at all times.

What is expected of me whilst using the club?

As a member of the Club we want you to enjoy yourself in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.  We would ask however that you adhere to a few basic rules:-

  • Watch your language! This is a family members club and as such there may be very young or indeed older members present to whom foul language may be particularly offensive.  This kind of language will not be tolerated.
  • It is important that staff and members feel safe in the club, therefore any aggressive or inappropriate language or behaviour towards staff, other members or visitors will be taken very seriously and dealt with as such.
  • When using the bar in the tenpin area please ensure you use a tray to take drinks to your table.  This is not only good housekeeping but helps ensure that any drips etc from glasses are captured by the tray and not spilt onto the floor where they could be picked up on bowlers’ shoes, possibly causing them to stick or fall on the approaches.
  • Please ensure that when you go to the toilet you either remove your bowling shoes or put the shoe protectors provided over them.  Bowling shoes should be removed when you leave the building e.g. for a cigarette.  Again this will prevent slips or falls caused by wet soles.

Can I bring guests along?

You can sign in up to 4 visitors a day, at a nominal charge of £1 each. Visitors can only be present in the Club whilst the member who signed them in is on the premises i.e. if you leave, they leave too!  You will be held responsible for the conduct of your guests.

Please ensure you sign in any guests immediately on arrival either with the door person at the entrance or, in the absence of a door person, at the kiosk or bar. This is a licensing requirement.

What if I want to sign in more than 4 guests?

Members may make a 'Group Booking' for Tenpin or Skittles for a business, social or personal event up to twelve months in advance. Buffets can also be arranged for a group booking if required.

For more information and details of how you can make a booking, click here.

What else happens at my club?

Sports and Social Events

The Club is keen to provide and promote as many activities as possible for its members and aims to run at least one sports or social event per month. Recent events have included quiz nights, race nights, moonlight bowling and entertainers.  For details of upcoming events, please click here.

Annual Charity Day

The Club is also very keen to support local charities. Each year in November we have a ‘Charity Saturday’ where the proceeds from the many sports and social events organised for the day and evening are donated to that year’s selected charity. A hugely popular day with members, the events culminate in an evening of auctions, raffles, music and karaoke! For details of this year and previous years charity events, please click here.

Community Groups

The Club is utilised by schools and after school clubs in the area who bring pupils and children to bowl or play skittles.  We are delighted to be able to support these groups by offering access to our facilities at preferential rates. We are however very happy to consider offering use of our premises to any other school or community group who would like to do so.  If this would be of interest to your local school or community group please contact the Club secretary at