We have a full size snooker table, which can be pre-booked or you can simply turn up and play if it's available. This is charged per hour, and the rate varies depending on the time of day etc. Juniors may use the table under the supervision of an adult member.  

We also have cue lockers for those members who wish to store their personal cue at the club. There is a small annual charge for these, and should you wish to have your name added to the waiting list please email the club or drop a note to the club secretary.

Snooker Prices

  Adult Junior
Monday to Friday to 5pm £3.00 per hour  £3.00 per hour 
Monday to Friday after 5pm £4.00 per hour £4.00 per hour
Saturday and Sunday all day £4.00 per hour £4.00 per hour

Tournament cues are available with membership card or a £10 refundable deposit.

History of Snooker

It is commonly accepted that snooker originated in the later half of the 19th century. Billiards had been a popular activity amongst British Army officers stationed in India, and variations on the more traditional billiard games were devised. One variation, devised in the officers' mess in Jabalpur during 1874/75, was to add coloured balls in addition to the reds and black which were used for pyramid pool and life pool. The word snooker also has military origins, being a slang term for first-year cadets or inexperienced personnel. One version of events states that Colonel Sir NevilleChamberlain of the Devonshire regiment was playing this new game when his opponent failed to pot a ball and Chamberlain called him a snooker. It thus became attached to the billiards game now bearing its name as inexperienced players were labelled as snookers.