Poker League Details & Rules


  • Maximum 4 tables with up to 8 players at each table.
  • Entry open to members only (Non members are permitted to play in the 'Turbo Poker' competitions when signed in by a member).
  • Entry Fee of £15 (£13 for prize pot + £2 league prize pot). No rebuys or add-ons.
  • Start time 7pm.


  • Play will begin over 4 tables until 24 players remain.
  • Play will then continue over 3 tables until 16 players remain.
  • Play will then continue over 2 tables until 9 players remain.
  • Play will then continue over 1 table to a finish.


  • TABLE SEATING - Randomly selected by "The Tournament Director" program at buy-in.
  • STARTING CHIPS - 5000, made up of 2 x Green 25's, 5 x White 50's, 7 x Black 100's, 2 x Yellow 500's & 3 x White 1000.
  • PLAYER MOVEMENTS - Randomly selected by "The Tournament Director" program.
  • BLINDS - Increase as follows… 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 10000
  • MINIMUM BET - Current Big Blind is always minimum bet.
    • EVERYONE - There will be breaks after round 2 (10 mins - Chip up 25's & 50's) round 4 (8 mins) & round 6 (5 mins - Chip up 100's)
    • INDIVIDUAL - A Player can take a break from the table at any time but must post blinds if they are on them. A player cannot rejoin the game until the current hand has finished. If a player is absent from the table cards are still dealt to their position but folded immediately when play reaches their position if betting has taken place.
  • CHIP UP - Chip up after round TWO your 25's and 50's and after round SIX your 100's. The player at the table with the most small chips will "buy" the small chips from everyone else at their table to speed up the process.
  • SHUFFLING - To ensure a fair shuffle, the dealer shuffles the cards and the player to the right of the dealer cuts the cards.
  • BURNING CARDS - The top card from the deck will be discarded face down on the table (before the flop, turn and river) to randomize the cards.
  • ACTING OUT OF TURN - Never fold or bet when the action is not on you.
  • TABLE TALK - It’s great to chat, but never give away any info that could affect the game. Keep it friendly!
  • GENRAL ETIQUETTE - Never touch another players chips or expose their cards. Once you have discarded your cards you should not touch them again.
  • STRING BETS - This is an illegal move when a player bets but does not put the entire amount into the pot in one go. Remember, your verbal bet is binding and you should make one action when betting.

Rules updated November 2018