Edinburgh and District Skittles Association - Rules

E&DSA PLAYING RULES - Revised September 2017
1.1 A team shall consist of 5 players for League matches and Oman & Perkins Cup ties.
If a team plays a match with less than 3 registered players, the match will be void,
and their opponents declared the winner.
1.2 Ball delivery must be by 'double-handed' means only.
1.3 Players must stand with their feet on or behind the oche bar.
1.4 Any pin falling after being disturbed by the pin machine must be re-spotted.
1.5 A match will consist of 2 games of 10 frames each, with up to 2 balls being thrown in each frame.
A third ball will be thrown in the 10th frame, if a single (spare) or double (strike) is achieved.
For league matches, 2 points will be awarded to the winning team and 2 points will also be awarded
to whichever team wins each game. Points will be shared in the event of a draw.
Therefore, a total of 6 points shall be available per match.
1.6 Teams must start promptly on time, if the alleys are available.
If, after 5 minutes, the next player(s) due to play, has not arrived, or is not ready to play, they must be given a zero score
(but only once the corresponding player(s) in the opposite team, has played), and the team must carry on.
This will also apply for subsequent frames. If the player(s) has still not arrived for their 5th frame,
a spare's set score of 100* must then be entered for that game and the player(s) may only take part
in the second game, if available.
Singles and Doubles competitions will start promptly on time, and any player missing when due to play,
will be given a zero score for that frame.
1.7 All matches must be played at Murrayfield Indoor Sports Club (MISC)
1.8a In the event of unavailability of sufficient players, each team shall be allowed to use up to 13
guest players per season
The guest player's name should be clearly marked with a 'G' on the score sheet.
Guests' scores will not count towards their average but a high score will count towards the Macdonald Trophy.
The maximum number of guests in any single game is 2.
A list of every player's guesting handicap is available on the MISC website.
Guest's scores in league matches, will have their handicap added, which may be positive or negative,
according to their average.
1.8b Any guest player used in an Oman or Perkins Cup match, will thereafter be cup-tied to that team.
i.e. will not be permitted to play a cup match for any other side, including their own team.
Similarly, if they have already played in a Cup match for their own team, they cannot guest for another.
Scores by guests in cup matches will not have handicaps added.
The Oman & Perkins Cup are considered to be the same competion, in respect of guests.
1.9 Should any team turn up 1 or 2 players short, and are unable to appoint a guest, a set score of 100*
pins (ie 10* per frame) will apply per missing player in each game.
1.10 Any player scoring less than 100* will have the difference added on to their score.
1.11 Substitution of players in a team during a game, is not permitted once they have thrown a ball.
In the event of a player having to withdraw during a game, their score up to retirement will count, then 10*
pins per frame thereafter. If a player withdraws during the first game of a match, the team may bring in
another player for the second game.
1.12 Some MISC balls are marked either 1&2 or 3&4. This indicates on which alleys the balls should be,
if more than one player wishes to use the same ball.
Any team or individual using their own ball may have exclusive use of that ball.
1.13 Each team will be responsible for their share of the alley costs.
* = Current figure (subject to revision in the future).
2.1 All E&DSA players, including guests, must be registered to play for a team, and must also be
members of MISC or on the waiting list to join.
Team registration sheets for the following season will be issued each May, for completion and return, within
the stated time to the Match Sacretary, to allow the next season's fixtures to be compiled.
Additional players may be added during the season, on submission of the appropriate pro forma (to be
found in the score books) together with the required fee, to the Hon Secy, by the end of the week befrore
the new player is to take part.
2.2 An individual player may transfer once during a season, to any other team.
At the commencement of each season, a transfer deadline will be set by the Match Secy, after which, no
such transfer may take place. This deadline will be approximately two-thirds through the season
(currently the end of March)
Any such transferred player may (after missing a full weekly round of fixtures) compete for their new team
for the remainder of the season, but be subject to the cup-tied rule for Cup matches.
Transfer forms must be completed and the Hon Secy advised.
3.1 Atfter each match, MISC kiosk staff will print out the score sheets. Each captain must sign the opposing team's sheet.
The home team captain will be responsible for this being done and must ensure that the signed sheets are
inserted in the E&DSA folder in the kiosk.
The result of the match will be declared void, if the score sheets are not received within one week.
4.1 Essentially it is not permitted by the MISC for any scheduled E&DSA matches to be postponed /
re-arranged or cancelled, and the MISC reserve the right to be paid for all fixtures once they have been
entered in the Club diary prior to the beginning of each new season. Although the E&DSA permits the
re-arranging of matches, the MISC may still request payment for alleys booked and subsequently
cancelled. In this event, each team will be liable for their share of the cost.
If any team is aware that they cannot manage to raise at least 4 players including a guest, they may
request a re-arrangement from their opponents with as much notice as possible, but with a minimum of
one week. The opposing team is under no obligation to agree, if it does not suit them to do so.
If they do agree, both captains must mutually arrange when the match will take place, by referring to the
master fixture list. Once the re-arrangement has been agreed, the team requesting the change must check
the availibility of the alleys, before cancelling the original match, and booking the new date in the kiosk diary.
Once this has been done, the Match Secy should be informed of the postponement and the new date.
If no agreement can be reached, the match will go ahead as scheduled. If the team requesting the
re-arrangement, fail to appear, they will lose all 6 points and be responsible for their share of alley costs.
In the interests of fairness and courtesy, a team that expects to be only one player short, should not
request a postponement, but should appoint a guest or play with a 'spare' score instead.
It is forbidden to play a match for 'double points' instead of re-arranging it.
A re-arranged match should be played as close as possible to the original date, either before or after.
There is ample scope to do this.
4.2 If any team fails to appear for a fixture, the attending team should note on the score sheet, that their
opponents failed to turn up, and claim all 6 points. Any scores recorded by a team without opposition,
will be void and not count towards averages, high scores etc. Teams not turning up will be liable for their
share of alley charges, which must be paid before their next match.
5.1 In the event of a team withdrawing from the League during the season the following will apply.
If the team has completed a full round of fixtures, all results against them will stand for the whole round.
For any incomplete round of fixtures, results against the team, in that round, will be deleted.
All individual scores will however stand and be eligible for inclusion for averages and Macdonald Trophy.
6.1 In the event of teams being level in terms of points, the team with the greatest number of matches
won, shall be deemed to hold the higher position. If they have also won the same number of matches,
then the team with the highest average will be considered to hold the higher position.
6.2 Individual games from all E&DSA run competitions (excluding 'fun nights' and Heineken Cup)
will qualify towards the Macdonald Trophy.
6.3 In the event of a player(s) or team, failing to turn up for a tie in the Singles, Doubles or team cup
competition, their opponent(s) must turn up on time to play, in order to claim the tie and progress further
in the competition.
6.4 In the Doubles competition (for one tie only per season), if one member of a pairing is unable to
attend a match, a 'spare' score may be granted in their place. This would allow their partner at least a
'sporting' albeit an 'outside' chance of progressing further in the competition.If their opponents also fail to
appear, then the half pairing would progress, but will be deemed to have used their 'spare' allowance.
6.5 All competions will be redrawn after compltion of each round.
6.6 In the event of a 'draw' in any of the knockout competions, the following will apply.
Singles - Each player will play an extra single frame.
Doubles - Both players will play an extra single frame.
Team competitions - Every player from each team will play an extra single frame.
If it is still a draw, the above will be repeated until there is a decisive outcome.
The extra frame will be treated the same as the last frame in a game, as regards additional throws
after a double or single.
6.7 The Handicap Fours is an open competition, so any player may play for any team, irrespective of
which they are registered with, although they will be tied to that team for the duration of that season's
Handicap calculation - Using the average score in all league games from the previous season, the Match
Secy shall take the mid point, and anyone with that average will be deemed to have a zero handicap.
Those above the mid point will have a negative handicap, and those below will have a positive one.
The handicaps will be revised approximately monthly, and based on each player's average, over their last
26 games.