Sunday Supreme - Fixtures

Millers Sunday Supreme League Fixtures 2018-2019
Roll-offs 1.00pm and 4.00pm
23.09.18 Makeshifts Jumbo Jets VSS Moody Blues
Bandits Argylls Scorpions Roos
07.10.18 Scorpions Moody Blues Argylls Makeshifts
VSS Roos Bandits Jumbo Jets
21.10.18 Jumbo Jets Argylls Moody Blues Roos
Makeshifts Bandits VSS Scorpions
04.11.18 Bandits VSS Makeshifts Scorpions
Roos Jumbo Jets Moody Blues Argylls
18.11.18 Argylls Scorpions Jumbo Jets VSS
Moody Blues Makeshifts Roos Bandits
02.12.18 Roos Makeshifts Scorpions Bandits
Argylls VSS Jumbo Jets Moody Blues
16.12.18 XMAS CUP
Roll off times 1.00pm and 4.00pm
06.01.19 Moody Blues Bandits Roos Argylls
Jumbo Jets Scorpions Makeshifts VSS
20.01.19 Roos Scorpions Argylls Bandits
Moody Blues VSS Jumbo Jets Makeshifts
03.02.19 Jumbo Jets Bandits Roos VSS
Makeshifts Argylls Moody Blues Scorpions
17.02.19 Scorpions VSS Bandits Makeshifts
Roos Moody Blues Argylls Jumbo Jets
03.03.19 Argylls Moody Blues Jumbo Jets Roos
Scorpions Makeshifts VSS Bandits
17.03.19 Bandits Roos Makeshifts Moody Blues
VSS Jumbo Jets Scorpions Argylls
31.03.19 Moody Blues Jumbo Jets VSS Argylls
Bandits Scorpions Makeshifts Roos
07.04.19 VSS Makeshifts Scorpions Jumbo Jets
Argylls Roos Moody Blues Bandits
21.04.19 THE CUP
Roll off times 1.00pm and 4.00pm