• Rules



League Rules

  • A team will consist of 3 players.
  • A pool of five players is allowed.
  • Any team playing 3 times short during the season will not be invited to join next season.
  • A set score of 90 is allowed for any team playing short of a player.
  • A player must complete 12 games to qualify for the high average.
  • Handicaps are based on 2/3 difference between 210 and league average.
  • Handicaps are fixed for the first 2 matches.
  • Prize money will only be allocated to those players who have played a minimum of 6 games.

Guest Rules

  • A team can play a maximum of five guests in any season with a maximum of one guest in any match.
  • An individual can guest a maximum of twice in any season.
  • Any member of M.I.S.C. can guest in the trios league.
  • Any guest already a member of the trios league can only guest in the opposite division.
  • Guests do not qualify for individual rewards.